Coaching Sales Reps on Pipeline Prioritization

Pipeline Prioritization is a critical process for a Sales Manager to coach their reps – see “Sales Coaching on Pipeline Management and Sales Forecasting“.

Here is what Sales Manager should coach reps to start by looking at these 4 factors in their pipeline:

  1. Opp Age or Duration in Stages = length of stay (red flag if ~ length for Lost Deals)
  2. Opportunity Size vs. Won Deals Size (look at Lost Deals)
  3. Expected Opp $Value Changes – frequent changes in opportunity $ amount aka “expected deal value”
  4. Time Slippage – frequent changes or pushes of “projected close dates”

Also – a few extras for advanced Pipeline Prioritization coaching:

  1. Unusual or unexpected Non-Linear Stage Leaps
  2. Pipeline Velocity aka Pipeline Turnover = “length of your selling period” / length of stay in the stage
  3. Negative Velocity at later stages


For more details and identifying “Pipeline Red Flags” – see this prior article “Sales Management: Pipeline “Red Flags” that Sales Managers Must Assess With their Reps“.