Consulting on Demand Generation & Marketing to Grow Qualified Leads and the Sales Pipeline

Demand Generation to Grow Qualified Leads for the Sales Pipeline

Over the next few months, I’m helping a few companies to accelerate their revenue growth. My approach is to help as a senior and experienced executive who rolls up sleeves and does real hands-on work to identify value creation opportunities and then implement the key improvements.  The focus is to provide a fast-acting results and not just recommendations and this starts with immediate improvements in sales and marketing efficiencies and effectiveness and then these quickly result in sales growth.



How I help:

  • Complete analysis and audit of your B2B Marketing / Demand Gen
  • Demand Org & Team Plan to build a best-in-class high-performing team
  • Team Building & hands-on recruitment of top marketing & demand gen talent
  • Improve the full Demand Creation & Lead Generation performance
  • Develop an effective and strong Go-to-Market / GTM Strategy
  • Perform Greenfields Market Research  – Identify New and Untapped Opportunities for Growth
  • Develop a full “B2B Marketing Strategy” that includes Demand Generation and other components
  • Ensure your B2B Marketing Strategy is interlocked and aligned to your Sales Strategy
  • Create a “modern” Demand Generation Plan & help with implementation and execution
  • Ensure your Demand Generation is multi-channel and not just content-marketing based
  • Develop a strong Lead Generation process as your key lever to fuel your Sales Pipeline
  • Strategy for measuring progress with the right Marketing Metrics, KPIs & Reports
  • Develop High-ROI Campaigns & Programs and implement and execute them
  • Create a Lead Generation Campaign Plan and help implement and launch them
  • Create Sales & Marketing Alignment and SLAs (and goals)
  • Implement Account-Based Marketing
  • Create a Marketing Operation Strategy
  • Funnel Management
  • Implement and improve Marketing Automation and optimize the Marketing Tech Stack
  • Help with New Product Launches & create demand for them
  • Help build and improve the Sales Enablement function
  • Improve the Market Positioning, Unique Value Proposition & Elevator Pitch to drive value and differentiation
  • Map the Buyer Journey more effectively for Sales and Marketing teams
  • Perform detailed Marketing Segmentation & a clear M.A.P. assessment and writeup
  • Create new vertical or industry-specific marketing plan


Example of hands-on Demand Generation initiatives I help with:

  • Build a new lead generation process from the ground up – defining needs, structure and approach to drive immediate and long -term impact
  • Develop and execute a demand generation strategy using industry best practices that are effective for B2B SaaS business model
  • Management of all inbound and outbound demand generation channels, such as email, direct mail, digital advertising, SEO, webinars, major conferences/ tradeshows and more
  • Mentor and grow existing staff; lead and build the Team / Org plan to scale the demand gen function
  • Define and implement and optimal lead management processes, operations and systems including the taxonomy, lead flow processes, lead nurturing process, SLA requirements with sales, SFDC compliance, etc.
  • Define and develop lead cultivation and nurturing campaigns based on real-time lead scoring, buyer persona qualification, buying journey stage, and other key factors that drive the most ROI
  • Create Dashboards and reports of Demand Gen impact metrics, set demand gen goals and success KPIs
  • End to end analytics, measuring and tracking of demand gen performance, quality and business impact through key metrics
  • Align with sales and BDR/SDR teams to ensure inbound/outbound prospecting is working effectively
  • Forecast lead and MQL flow and align and report with the sales team


Problems I will help you solve:

  • Lack of alignment between marketing and sales that affects sales
  • Marketing is not generating enough leads for the sales team to hit their quota
  • Sales pipeline is not growing predictably and not enough Opportunities for sales to close


Real Results in Demand Generation:

  • Immediate increase in qualified lead flow that impact the sales pipeline
  • Jump in quality and more qualified sales Opportunities entering the pipeline
  • Increase in overall sales and new customers at a 2x – 3x faster growth rate
  • Alignment between sales and marketing across the board
  • Improve Demand Generation effectiveness



My work is based directly from the experience as a corporate C-Level executive leader who has built teams, hired over 300+ people in my career across sales and marketing teams, and achieved 100%-300% annual sales growth at several high-growth companies. I’ve been a CEO, CRO and VP of Sales as well as of Marketing/Demand Gen and I have “hands-on” experience achieving aggressive objectives and results.  What I do is not consulting but actually hands-on experiential implementation working as your company’s executive for hire.  The bottom line is that I bring native fluency in managing SaaS sales & marketing combined with a deep knowledge and industry expertise as a senior C-level executive who has managed 50+ person global teams and who also rolled up sleeves and performed the work on solving problems hands-on to attain 100%-400% annual revenue growth at some of the most successful SaaS companies.  I am known for my ability to execute well at speed while providing insights informed by my analytical strengths and shaped uniquely through the lens of my years of experience. I bring my expertise and evidence-based perspective to drive real results and not just offer recommendations.