Sales Tech Stack of the Top VPs of Sales in SaaS

Previously I shared a big list of sales technologies – “Sales Tools to Scale More Efficiently – Sales Technology Stack 2019“.

And here are the most common 2019 sales tech I’ve used and have seen my VP of Sales / CRO peers use effectively to increase productivity and effectiveness of their rapidly-growing sales teams:


  • Prospecting
    • or SalesLoft
      • There is no better way to increase productivity for SDRs than this
      • Automate your workflows and sequences with personalized emails, calls, etc.
    • Prospecting Intelligence – Infotelligent or DiscoverOrg
      • This is a must for accurate Contact and Account information
  • Tracking the Presentation deck
  • Sales Self-Coaching and Conversation Analysis
  • Sales Knowledge Management & Knowledge Hub for Content and Training
    • Well-priced, great UX and very easy to use: Guru (easy grouping: Collections, Groups, Boards/Playbooks, Cards)
    • Sales Training – SalesHood, Showpad
      • other: LevelJump, MindTickle, or Lessonly (also Brainshark or Allego)
    • Other Sales Enablement: HighSpot (has a minimum of 35 users) and Seismic (for enterprises)
  • Screen Sharing for Demos
    • Zoom – the new gold standard in tech
  • Sales Analytics, Reports & KPIs – InsightSquared (my favorite for Sales Leaders) or Clari
  • Productivity for Reps
    • Chrome browsing efficiency – Workona
      • this is a must for several workspaces, reducing clutter and focusing
  • Humanizing selling
    • Video: Drift Video or BombBomb, Bonjoro, Vimeo
    • Handwritten cards: